Gentlemen’ s Guide to Flirting

049 - Our Survey Results

June 22, 2021

I have conducted the greatest survey of all time on the subject of flirting with and approaching women.  Never before in world history has such an impactful and societally-beneficial survey been done.  Today, I share the results with you.   

Background: Book's website: Gentlemen's Guide to Flirting (available on Amazon at and anywhere else you find your favorite books.
Consider the book your complete textbook. The content on this channel and the podcast is all free and is intended to expand upon the book, and give you even more practical examples. You'll end up being like the Navy SEALs of flirting, so cool and professional, prepared, naturally confident and effective that you know you can handle any flirting, dating, or social situation to world class standards. There will be great supplemental and supporting material released on this channel at least once per week. The same material will be made available as the "Gentlemen's Guide to Flirting" podcast.
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